Woodland Meadow


Thursday, November 27, 2014

This year 2014, with the assistance of Devon Wildlife Trust we have established a woodland Meadow on around 8 acres of improved grassland within our young woodland reserve to the north and east sides of the farm.

The young native woodland was planted (2007) on 23 acres of improved and semi improved farmland, within this area 11 acres were left as open rides (grassland), but most of this grassland area was of poor conservation value, containing a poor variety of species (mainly modern rye grass).

We decided that this area would be suitable for over sowing with a seed harvest taken from our meadow creation project to try to establish a species rich meadow – where only modern grassland now stood, between the tree planting.

In late August 2014 Devon Wildlife Trust brought in their seed harvester to collect (as a donor site) from our existing meadow project, with some of the seed being taken for other projects in the area and the remaining for ours. The seed was collected, graded on site and removed for drying.

The open ride ground was then prepared, with a heavy pigtail type harrow – looking a bit of a mess initially ! The seed was then distributed from a quad trailed seed spreader late in October. After a couple of months the disturbing of the open ride area started to grass over and a further couple of months down the line you would not know any work had been undertaken.

We are now waiting for Spring of 2015 to see what species are starting to take.