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Cool Camping

Wir finden, dass Camping nicht unbedingt mit Nässe, Matsch und kalten, schlaflosen Nächten verbunden sein muss. Genauso wenig geht es beim Glamping um Sofas und gedämpftes Licht, wovon so viele reden. Wir meinen, Camping sollte einen ganz einfach der Natur ein wenig näher bringen, aber ohne all den Umstand und die Unbequemlichkeit, die mit einem nassen Zelt einhergehen.

Winter Camping

Quarry Pods at Dunsdon Farm offer the ability to enjoy camping all year round, for winter camping in Devon, just turn up, un-roll your bed and you’re ready for the great outdoors. The Quarry Pod site is open all year round (excluding Christmas and New Year). Each Pod has lighting, is fully insulated and heated, and being of a solid timber construction, quiet !.

Glamping in Devon- No Not Really

Maybe luxury camping in Devon, but we like to think of our camping pods as "Comfortable Camping" rather than Glamping, the term often associated with music festivals and the like.
You're connected to mains electrical power, which means electric lighting and heater and where you can operate appliances and reading lamps. Forget about smelly sleeping bags placed on damp rocky or insect-infested ground, our Quarry Pods are insulated, heated and warm.