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The Farm

Dunsdon Farm is a 54 acre farm situated in open countryside adjoining the Dunsdon National Nature Reserve, designated as a SSSI, as a rare and protected culm grassland area.

The main farmhouse dates from the late Victorian period and is set within an historic farm courtyard setting, with some of the buildings dating from the Medieval period. The land surrounding the farm has been farmed for many hundreds (possibly thousands) of years, with the farm being recorded in the Doomsday Book.

The farm is managed under an HLS Agreement (Higher Level Stewardship) in conjunction with Natural England.

As the farm sits within the rare Culm Grasslands of North Devon, in 2006 it was chosen as a demonstration site to recreate a Culm grass pasture and to help understand and further the possibilities of re-establishing Culm grasslands to areas now devoid. This project was managed in association with The Devon Wildlife Trust and will be managed for the next 10 years under their guidance.

In 2005, 23 acres was planted under the English Woodland Grants Scheme, with 23,000 mixed native trees to establish a new wooded area for the farm.

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